LIFE Deaf Youth Camp 2014


What is LIFE Deaf Youth Camp? It's a camp in Texas for Deaf students in middle school and high school. Let's break that down:

It's for Deaf students. LIFE Deaf Youth Camp is focused on deaf students! That means everyone is signing. That means you don't have to ask your hard of hearing friend what someone just said. Hearing students are also welcome to come, but our main focus is deaf students.

It's for Deaf students all over Texas. At LIFE Deaf Youth Camp, you have the chance to meet other deaf students like yourself. You get the chance to make new friends. Most importantly, you aren't stuck with the same 6 friends that you've been mainstreamed with your whole life. Isn't that enough reason by itself to come to camp?


It's a camp. That means it's going to be fun. There will be crazy games. There's a lake with one of these. You get to stay up late. It also means that you have a chance to learn about God. You have questions about God? This is a time to get some answers.